Art, design & good food, these are the values of our Sweet & Savory designer Annette.

And exactly with these values she is right in Das LOFT.

Annette Fauma, Pastry Chef im Das LOFT Wien

Annette is all about attention to detail and using only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients in her desserts. She is a culinary artist with a passion for creating innovative and delicious dishes that awaken the taste buds.

When asked what her favourite dessert is, Annette laughs and explains that she has been asked this question many times, but has not been able to answer. “The food that is in season always tastes best. So when the strawberry season starts, I like strawberry desserts best”, she explains.

To this day, Annette evaluates the sunsets that she sees from her workplace on the 18th floor almost every day, and her everyday work is as varied as the sunsets. “In this creative, creating and playful position that I have, I don’t have a fixed everyday work routine, I always have to react to what is happening in the hotel”, explains Annette.

Even when she is not at work, Annette is all about cooking. “I take the whole topic with me in my free time, and I live for my work. For me, everything to do with cooking is a full-time job that doesn’t end when I leave my physical workplace”. In her free time, Annette can be found at the weekly markets, where she buys seasonal groceries from local farmers. She developed a strong connection to seasonal and regional products at a young age, as she spent a lot of time on an organic farm as a child.

Let yourself be enchanted by one of Annette’s desserts and visit us at Das LOFT.