Electro Beat

Even from afar you can see the Viennese cocktail bar Das LOFT shining like a UFO in the sky. All aboard, please! The SO/Vienna elevator takes you to a new dimension of club culture. Up here, Star Trek vibes are getting real with a 360° panorama of Vienna. At Das LOFT we dance the night away. Every Saturday the bass hums in unison with our hearts and the city glitters at our feet.

Extraterrestrial good drinks and heavenly food is the motto of Das LOFT in the middle of Vienna. Every Saturday evening it takes off anew with the in-house event series and flies between heaven and earth towards dawn, completely detached from rules and norms. At Das LOFT it’s easy to forget everything around you. Vienna’s wildest night starts with a “Tonka Bean Sour” signature cocktail in your hand and swinging hips. The drinks are cold and the music loud – but at lofty heights, nobody cares. Das LOFT resident and award winning DJ Ayman Awad makes you burn up the dance floor with the hottest house mixes.

Here, everyone finds a common ground up in the air. We are aliens with a mission and that is to party.