Insider tip for
real barflies

Das LOFT and its signature cocktails

Chill evenings, hot nights, vibrant lifestyle and panoramic view unite at Das LOFT in your cocktail glass to a unique mix. Here, in the middle of Vienna, everything you thought you knew about bars is called into question.

Cooler than Berlin’s Kreuzberg, a better city view than in New York and drinks as cold as your ex-girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s heart! Going to heaven has never been so easy, you don’t even have to sell your soul. Nevertheless, Das LOFT is anything but holy. On the 18th floor of the SO/Vienna, a heavenly limbo awaits you with all the temptations that come with it. One of the biggest: The Das LOFT signature cocktails. For example, a “Bigote Blanco” with Bumbu Rum, Lemongrass, Mint and Basil-Passionfruit Espuma – an absolute aphrodisiac.

Das LOFT is not a bar – Das LOFT is a vibe. Here, it’s not drinks that are spilled, but dopamine. Every day. With breathtaking views and cocktails that your taste buds will love.

Anything goes! Are you coming?