„In case of a blackout
we have candlelight dinner.”

Marina Feuchtgruber, Chef de Rang at Das LOFT, always has a charming solution ready for her guests. What to do when the lights go out? Make the evening unforgettable!

You’re having a bad day? No problem, Marina will make it a happy ending. Every evening she creates special moments for her guests infecting everyone around her with her enthusiasm and passion. “We bring the fun.“

You don’t know what to eat? No problem – Marina has the right recommendation.

You know exactly what you want to eat? Perfect – Marina will fulfill all your wishes.

Carrying a tray with 40 glasses is a piece of cake for her. Pretty strong, right? And even in case of a blackout, Marina has the perfect solution. Without hesitation she takes out all the fancy candles and they soon shine in competition with Vienna’s city lights – super romantic.

In her free time Marina loves to paint. She pours herself a glass of good wine, turns on the music and  dynamically swings her brush over the canvas.

Come by and let her spoil you!