“I’m the SO/Vienna’s

Paul Onyekuh from the Stewarding Department makes sure that everything is always spick and span. If the hotel were a body, he would be the hands. No wonder - his job is like a full body workout.

We want to talk about something that no one notices, but that is super important to us – cleanliness. You don’t notice cleanliness until it’s not there. Ever thought about that?

Paul from the Stewarding Department makes sure everything is always immaculate and inconspicuously clean at the SO/Vienna. Like the plates in Das LOFT, for example. Without clean plates, no delicious dinner – it’s as simple as that. He practices cleanliness like a sport. Sometimes he plays a little music and starts a power-workout.

His motivation is the work itself: “My favorite thing is the friendly environment, everyone is really nice and that motivates me every morning.“

Actually, Paul provides the basis for your pleasant stay at the SO/Vienna and das LOFT. Pretty cool, right?