Vienna Brunch-Guru Approved

Fancy a brunch in Vienna? Everything you find is either too boring, too ordinary, too stiff or too mediocre? Then follow the real brunch-gurus’ advise.

Many of our guests at Das Loft are real brunch-gurus. They know every brunch-spot in Vienna. From basic to high-class. From Viennese brunch with Kipferl and co. to exotic dishes from all over the world. They know those places where you cure yourself after a long night out or those locations where you declare war on a boring Sunday together with your friends.

Exactly these brunch-gurus are regulars at Das Loft. Because our brunch is anything but mediocre or ordinary.

Brunch at Das Loft includes “liquid unlimited”. That means your champagne glass with Laurent Perrier la Cuveé Brut will never be empty. The first culinary delight is the “Let’s get ready to rumble round.“ You’ll be treated with osso bucco ham or foccacia, and other delicious dishes. But that’s just to give you a small idea of what’s actually waiting for you at Das Loft.

Whether you’re a brunch-guru, brunch-grump or rookie, our brunch is, without exaggeration, exceptional. Check it out yourself. We look forward to seeing you!

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