PETER Duransky

Chef de Cuisine

Product, quality and regionality are at the forefront.

Since September 2018, Peter Duransky has been the new Chef de Cuisine responsible for THE LOFT at SO/Vienna. Duransky, originally from Slovakia, completed cooking training in his home country and began his career at Kampa Group's award-winning restaurant "Le Monde," where he has already been able to work his way up to sous-chef. In the large competition "Bocuse d´Or" he secured first place in the category "meat" in 2010 and 2nd place in the overall ranking. The 33-year-old's line reflects a refreshingly clear reduction to the essentials. Product, quality and regionality are at the forefront. European cuisine - creative, cosmopolitan and surprising.


LOFT Manager

You never stop learning

This is the motto according to which Michael Fortner lives and works. Anyone who wants to stay on the ball in gastronomy must be up-to-date and familiar with the latest trends. This is why Michael and other experts of the scene founded the Vienna Bar Community five years ago. He likes his drinks best made traditionally! Have we whetted your appetite?


We can only achieve something with teamwork...

After many years of experience in upscale gastronomy, I have been able to gain numerous experiences. During my time in London, I was honored to be able to work for various Michelin Star restaurants. This made it possible for me to bring my skills and knowledge to perfection. That is why I am very keen to pass on my acquired knowledge to my team. I am all the more pleased to receive a Michelin Star, because without efficient teamwork, this would not have been possible. It is a personal concern to me every day that my guests feel that this is not only my work but also my hobby.


Chief Sommelier

I have a thing for small wineries

When the pupil beomes the master it can only be a huge success! PETER KATUSAK-HUZSVAR, general manager of the SO/ VIENNA is firmly convinced of this. He is very pleased to have found a new chief sommelier for Das LOFT in KONSTANTIN SCHWÄRZLER. The wine professional has not only absorbed the knowledge of the last five years on the side of the former chief sommelier STEVE BREITZKE, but also has been able to find his own line.


Bar & Lounge Manager

Cuisine style cocktails

Already since 2013 Francesco Camello has been recommending, mixing and creating drinks for our Das LOFT guests with loving attention to detail.

The native Bavarian with an Italian background started his career in Kitzbühel. Following 4 years abroad, he now brings international trends and know-how to Das LOFT and enjoys the opportunity to share knowledge from around the world with our guests. Herbs, fruits and a wide range of spices play an important role here.


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