You too? Then Das LOFT is the right place for you. Sunsets have a magic on their own. The light and the vibe make a special moment that wants to be celebrated. As a Viennese local you hardly get to see sunsets, unless you know the right spot – and that’s at Das LOFT.

Enjoy the last and most beautiful rays of sunshine high above Vienna’s rooftops. Feels like vacation, relaxation and romance – the Golden Hour at Das LOFT is a special moment, that demands one of our signature cocktails. Whether it’s after work with your favorite colleagues or even a mini-vacation with friends in your own city.

The sun is setting over Vienna’s urban sea. A sea that doesn’t turn gloomy and dark after sunset, but one that gets bright and shiny. Come by and enjoy Vienna’s magical transformation with the best drinks, delicious bar snacks and great menus.

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